The Kočevje Ribnica Development Centre (RC Kočevje Ribnica) is a non-profit limited liability company, and has operated in that form since 2006, when the Pokolpje Development Centre and the Sectoral Economic Development Centre (Področni center za razvoj gospodarstva d.o.o.) merged. The company was established with the aim of stimulating the economy in the municipalities of Kočevje, Kostel, Osilnica, Loški Potok, Sodražica, Ribnica, Velike Lašče and Dobrepolje. The company’s core activity is the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of the local environment. This also includes the provision of VEM entry point services and implementation of the Pokolpje Programme. The company serves as a lead partner in the LAG covering heritage trails from Turjak to Kolpa. The company’s director is Milena Glavač, and also employs four university educated workers who serve as business consultants and project managers. Our various profiles and experience serve as an excellent basis for the performance of our tasks.


Trata XIV 6a
1330 Kočevje
telephone: +386 1 8950 610