The Kostel Business Incubator is located in the municipality of Kostel, directly on regional road G2-106 Kočevje–Petrina, in the immediate vicinity of the international border crossing with Croatia (Petrina), on the marked traffic corridor in the direction of Delnice, Rijeka and the coast, and in a direct link with the Zagreb–Rijeka motorway. The location is thus very appealing for foreign and domestic investors, in particular for those who intend to expand their market to the east and supply their products to tourists centres on the coast.

It is close to the Port of Rijeka (60 km), the Zagreb–Rijeka (Delnice) railway line (12 km) and the airports in Krk and Grobnik. In Petrina, they offer young companies and everyone who thinks in an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to join or work with the incubator.

The building is divided into six units covering a total area of 4,124 m² that are intended for production, warehousing, service activities, office activities and a boiler room. In addition to covered areas, 1,500 m² of uncovered warehouse space is also available. The use of common areas is also available to individual units, as well as the necessary parking for employees and visitors. All interior premises are heated. Unit 6 houses a wood-fired boiler. The entire roof of the building is equipped with a 200 kW solar power plant.

The business incubator offers members:

  • the use of modular premises that are leased under favourable conditions for a limited period (five years from establishment), and expansion to new modules as growth dictates;
  • temporary residence in the incubator, during the establishment and initial development of companies; companies are later relocated to the market environment;
  • access to commercial-technical services at low prices due to the co-organisation (sharing) of services;
  • managerial-technical services and assistance in the establishment of business contacts (with investors, customers and suppliers); and
  • opportunities to meet entrepreneurs/companies and the exchange of information; the existence of development initiatives.

For more information:; telephone: +386 59 933 415 or mobile phone: +386 40 620 080, Iztok Pantar, acting director.