The Kočevje Business Incubator operates in the wider Kočevje region. It provides assistance in the development of business ideas and business models through mentoring and prototyping at PIPC Kočevje, as well as the more affordable leasing of premises or assistance in the leasing of business premises in Kočevje.

In the scope of the Pokolpje Development Partnership, the Kočevje Business Incubator established a business infrastructure in accordance with the network concept. The incubator’s mission is to promote development activities and become a bridge between the research and development environment, development needs and resources in the region, to stimulate motivation and the climate for the development of entrepreneurship, to organise practical workshops for the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas, to enhance the knowledge of individual companies, to promote self-employment, to create a positive image of the entrepreneur, to provide entrepreneurs in-depth information, to generate new jobs in the region and to help in the transformation of regional potential.

The Kočevje incubator is particularly active in the implementation of a social entrepreneurship platform, training regarding the most advanced 3D technologies and in transforming ideas into final commercial products.

Kočevje Business Incubator

Trata XIV 6a
1330 Kočevje
telephone: +386 40 567 786

Kočevje Business Incubator

Business advice in the Kočevje region. Business events, leasing of premises, prototypes, development of business models and the establishment of companies. Business incubator