The Bela krajina Business Incubator operates throughout the entire Bela krajina region, and through its activities contributes to improvements in terms of providing a support environment for the development of entrepreneurship in that region. It also contributes to a reduction in the failure rate and the growth of young companies with potential (start-up companies), and contributes to the attractiveness of the region young workers with entrepreneurial ideas.

The Bela krajina Business Incubator provides young companies:

  • more favourable terms for the leasing of premises;
  • the counselling and mentoring of several mentors in various phases of the business process;
  • the use and borrowing of various high-tech equipment;
  • the acquisition of specific knowledge through lectures and workshops; and
  • networking and connections with members of the incubator and companies in the region.


The Bela krajina Business Incubator also offers ‘coworking’, a form of work that allows participating individuals and companies to share ‘coworking space’, temporarily or permanently, with other creative individuals from the same or related sectors. The coworking community thus stimulates networking and the development of entrepreneurial ideas. Within the coworking space, an individual has all of the necessary office infrastructure at their disposal. The monthly membership fee is €25 plus VAT, while both individuals and companies can become members.

The Bela krajina Business Incubator operates at three locations or units:

  • the Stratus unit (Ul. Heroja Stariha 19, Črnomelj),
  • the Stara lekarna unit (Kolodvorska cesta 23a, Črnomelj), and
  • the TRIS Kanižarica unit (Kanižarica 41, Črnomelj).

For additional questions or to join the business incubator, contact Kristian Asani (; +386 51 806 925)