Public tenders for affordable loans in development regions – Ribnica Regional Development Fund

The purpose of the instrument is to assist companies in their investment activities. Qualified companies may combine investment subsidies and affordable loans for investment purposes up to the maximum limit for state aid.

The subject of tenders is the allocation of affordable development loans from the aforementioned fund to projects with initial investments in development regions with high unemployment. The purpose of tenders is to promote entrepreneurial initial investments in development regions that generate positive effects in the areas of competition and jobs. The objective of tenders is to promote entrepreneurial activity, a market focus and the technological development of companies in aforementioned regions.

Previously published public tenders

Assistance for applicants

Development loans for initial investments by companies are allocated by the Ribnica Regional Development Fund. Field support institutions are the Bela krajina Development Information Centre (for the Bela krajina region) and the Kočevje Ribnica Development Centre (for the Kočevje region).