'An ideal location for investors looking for opportunities on traditional European markets and fast-growing Balkan markets'

'Quality labour force is the main driving force of development in each company.'

Special public tenders and tax advantages for investments in the Kolpa River Valley

Units with infrastructure in place at a competitive price

Well-preserved natural and cultural heritage for the development of tourism

Why Pokolpje?

Development advantages of the Kolpa River Valley
Understanding investors' needs and assistance from development institutions for potential investors
High-quality labour force
Developed plots in zoned locations for business and industrial development at competitive prices
Attractive location at the crossroads of Central and South Europe, close to Zagreb and Ljubljana
Conveniently sited for access to international airports and major ports that serve Central Europe (Koper, Rijeka and Trieste)
Special public tenders and tax benefits for investments in the Pokolpje region
Exceptionally well-preserved natural and cultural heritage for the development of tourism
Abundance of biomass: woody biomass, solar energy, hydropower and geothermal energy
High-quality of life

Workforce and location

Area (km2)
Number of
density / km2
Workforce in
(October 2017)
unemployed persons
(December 2017)
monthly wage
(October 2017)

The Kolpa River Valley (Pokolpje in Slovene) is situated in the southeast of Slovenia on the border with Croatia. It is distinguished by the area those two countries share along the Kolpa River. It is considered one of the best preserved natural areas of both Slovenia and Central Europe. It is a wine-growing region, full of karst features and woodlands, and a high level of biodiversity. Throughout the history, the region was inhabited by various ethnic groups who weaved a culture of high work ethics and hospitality. The Kolpa River Valley comprises seven municipalities: Črnomelj, Kočevje, Kostel, Loški Potok, Metlika, Osilnica and Semič.

The Pokolpje region enjoys a strategic location close to major European markets, as well as international airports and major ports that serve Central and Eastern Europe. The region is well-connected to regional administrative, trade and industrial centres.

Time 1-2 hours 2-3 hours 3-4 hours 5-6 hours
Destination Ljubljana - international airport
Zagreb - international airport
Rijeka - port and international airport
Koper - port
Trieste - port

Activities of companies in Pokolpje

ManufacturingSale, Maintenance andrepair of motor vehiclesCateringOtherConstructionTransportation and warehousingProfessional, scientific andtechnical activities2611,819,76,36,613,815,8Proportion of companies by activity (in %)
Proportion of sole traders by activity (in %)ManufacturingSale, Maintenance andrepair of motor vehiclesCateringOther activitiesConstructionTransportation and warehousingProfessional, scientific and technical activities17,120,112,97,89,0Other9,18,515,5

What to invest in

Major business parks
  • Size: 115.1ha
  • Occupancy rate: 79.73%
  • Possibility of expansion: Yes

Other zones in the municipality: Adlešiči, Belokranjska cesta, Danofoss Belt, Majer, Otovec, Ručetna vas, Stari trg ob Kolpi, Vinica, Vražji kamen.

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Pild Business Park, Metlika
  • Size: 17.5ha
  • Occupancy rate: 55%
  • Possibility of expansion: Yes

Other zones in the municipality: Bereča vas, Beti, Mestni log, Novoteks, Gradac, Komet.

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Vrtača Business Park, Semič
  • Size: 18.2ha
  • Occupancy rate: 0%
  • Possibility of expansion: N/A
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LIK KOČEVJE Business Park
  • Size: 7.16ha
  • Occupancy rate: 11.20ha of the area is available for development
  • Possibility of expansion: Yes: 4.9ha
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Predgrad Business Park
  • Size: 1.9ha
  • Occupancy rate: 57.89% or 1.1ha
  • Possibility of expansion: No
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Where to invest

Predominant economic activities in the Pokolpje region.


Pokolpje is characterised by traditional woodworking and metalworking activities, but also industries such as textile, chemicals, machinery and electromechanical. The development of tourism is on the rise. The workforce is distinguished by a culture of commitment to work, dependability and company loyalty.

Assistance and support

“An effective and friendly business environment”

The Bela krajina Development Information Centre (RIC Bela krajina) and the Kočevje Ribnica Development Centre (Razvojni center Kočevje Ribnica, d.o.o.) provide all necessary information regarding investment opportunities in the Pokolpje region to potential investors. In addition to information about the region’s investment and development opportunities, the two aforementioned institutions also provide free business counselling to investors regarding all aspects of an investment and organise visits to locations that include participation of local authorities, business partners and other consultants.

As part of your investment, we provide the following support and information:

  • Information on investment and development opportunities in the region
  • Information on the business environment
  • Organisation of visits to locations that include participation of local authorities
  • Organisation of meetings with business partners and consultants
  • Efforts to improve conditions for potential foreign investors
  • Organisation of working groups for the needs of investment projects to ensure the best possible cooperation in the environment